can i use sex toys during pelvic rest

I recently heard from a friend that they were placed on pelvic rest and unable to have sex. It made me think – can I use sex toys during pelvic rest? Well, here’s what I found out.

First off, it’s important to understand that pelvic rest is different from completely abstaining from sex. Pelvic rest is a term used to describe a period of reduced physical activity that is prescribed by your doctor. Pelvic rest can be a full or partial restriction on sex, masturbation, and using sex toys.

When it comes to the compatibility of sex toys and pelvic rest, it really just depends on which activities have been restricted. If your doctor has prohibited any activity that could put stress on your pelvic floor, then sex toys may be a no-go.

But if your doctor has just asked you to abstain from penis-in-vagina sex, then you may be able to use sex toys – depending on the type. Internal penetration toys, like a dildo, may not be tolerated, whereas clitoral ones such as vibrators are usually more likely to be okay. I recommend chatting with your doctor or specialist to be sure.

It can be really frustrating to have to limit our sexual activities, and that’s why I love sex toys – they bring the pleasure to us! There are a plethora of toys to choose from, ranging from external vibrators to finger vibes, stimulators, and more. I also love how enjoyable the use of sex toys can be. It’s a great way to express our sexuality and get that extra spark to our self-pleasure activities.

Although I don’t use them while I’m on pelvic rest, sex toys do seem like a great idea to keep sexual fun and exploration alive. Who knows – maybe things will be better after the pelvic rest is over and sex toys you’ll be able to enjoy both? I believe it could be a great way to spice up our sex lives!

Also, I’ve heard that some couples can explore remote sex toys if their activity is restricted both internally and externally. These toys allow partners to control each others’ toys from a distance, which can lead to an exciting experience. I’d love to try them out once I’m done with pelvic rest!

To summarize, sex toys can be a great way to be creative and have fun during times of pelvic rest – as long as your doctor is okay with it. If you’re not sure, I encourage you to reach out and get the advice of your medical team so you can make the best decision that takes your health into full consideration.

Even though not all activities are available during pelvic rest, such as intercourse, sex toys can still be used as long as they don’t put any stress on your pelvic floor and are approved by your doctor. Using toys is a great way to take pleasure and exploration to the next level while on pelvic rest, providing extra spark to self-pleasure activities.

You can try high-tech toys such as those that allow for remote-control play with partners from different locations, or keep it casual with clitoral toys and finger vibes. It’s a great way to spice things up and keep the fun alive!