how do dogs react to silicone sex toys

My friend, the other day I was talking to my vet about my dog and our conversation eventually veered towards something I never expected. He asked me “Have you ever tried using sex toys for your pup?”. I was taken aback by his question, to say the least. Turns out that silicone sex toys were becoming quite popular as a way to give some relief to our furry friends. After a lot of contemplation and I must add reluctance, I decided to give it a go for the sake of my pup.

At first, I thought my dog would reject the ‘toy’ with disgust, but to my pleasant surprise she was actually quite enthusiastic about it. She started licking it with pure joy and enthusiasm! She was extra active and energetic, almost like she was telling me how happy she was with her new plaything. I was really impressed.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how long my pup would stick with the toy, but I was amazed to find it s till intact when I got back home after work. It was just as soft and as nice as when I bought it. My pup was having a blast playing with it and she refused to part ways with it. I was really pleased and went ahead and got her two more.

I can tell you, my friend, that silicone sex toys are a real hit with my pup and I highly recommend it. They are quite affordable and made out of non-toxic materials, so I don’t have to worry about her health. Plus, they are really durable and last a long time.

My pup loves chewing on them and throwing them around after she’s done playing with them. She’s so attached to them. I’ve noticed a huge difference in her behaviour. She is much calmer and behaves better. Believe it or not, but sex toys have even helped her bond with me better.

It’s been 4 weeks already and the silicone sex toys are still doing a remarkable job. I haven’t seen her get bored even once and she now carries them around (as if she wouldn’t part ways with them. So sweet, isn’t it?). Her vet is also quite pleased that I chose sex toys as a form of recreation for her.

It’s true that dogs don’t want for too much but it’s still nice to give our furry friends something that can keep them entertained. Silicone sex toys are perfect for that purpose and provide hours of entertainment and fun. Plus, they are quite safe and non-toxic. So, if you’re looking for toys for your pup, why not give them a try?

Well, that’s my story about Silva and her silicone toys. Who would have thought it would do such wonders to her?

Not only has it helped her to stay physically active, but it has also refined her social behaviour. I’ve seen her interact better with other dogs. She no longer lashes out in anger and has even managed to reduce her anxieties.

Silicone sex toys have not only had a positive effect on Silva’s overall health, but it has made her increasingly confident and independent. Her vet observed a clear progress in her daily activities. Consequently, I’m seeing her respond much better to her training sessions.

Clearly, my pup wasn’t the only one charmed by silicone sex toys. Even I have become a fan of them. You won’t believe how much fulfilling its been to watch how much Silva is enjoying her new playthings. It’s unique and totally worth every nickel.

Moreover, I have made a great observation through all this. It turns out, dogs are quite adaptable when it comes to exploring new options. For once, I was stepping out of the box and didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did. Consider aSilicone Sex Toy as an experiment and you will be pleased with the results. Don’t be scared to try out something new as long as Its safe and non toxic.

I also believe silicone sex toys could also be helpful for us humans. It can brighten up a boring day and give us something to fuss about. They only require minimal care, and you don’t have to keep replacing them either. All in all, convenient, safe and non-toxic.

So, all in all, If you are considering buying something for your pup, silicone sex toys can be a really thoughtful and practical present. Although I’m still learning my way out, sex dolls I know one thing for sure, Silva is one heck of a happy pup! And I’m satisfied too. What more could you ask for?