how to masturbate longer male

I’m writing to you today about a personal experience I’ve had with masturbating for a longer duration of time.​ It took me a while to figure out how to go about it, but after a lot of trial-and-error I actually learned to get it right.​ Here are some tips and tricks that helped me in my journey:

First and foremost, I learned that taking your time is key.​ This means that instead of rushing yourself through, it’s a lot better to focus on the process.​ I found myself getting increasingly aroused as I took my time.​ It was like I was gradually reaching the peak of my pleasure as I slowly intensified the strokes and rhythm of my hand.​

I also discovered the importance of exploring different types of motions.​ I utilized a wide variety of methods—moving my hand up and down, circles, side-to-side, and mixing them up as I went.​ This kept me aroused for a much longer time.​ Eventually, I discovered that utilizing this method of changing the types of motions gave me a longer and more enjoyable experience.​

Additionally, another key practice that I found very helpful was paying attention to my breathing.​ After a while, I noticed that my breathing rhythm was in tune with my stroking rhythm.​ This gave me a greater sense of control and was in turn, highly satisfying.​ In particular, I learned to focus on the inhalations and exhalations and make sure that I was breathing heavily.​

Lastly, I was able to further prolong my masturbation session by allowing myself to get lost in the pleasure.​ When you let go and sex dolls let yourself really indulge in the experience, it becomes incredibly enjoyable and almost hypnotic.​ I would enter what felt like a trance-like state and time would fly by.​

All these initial steps allowed me to gradually increase my masturbating time.​ Furthermore, I began to explore a variety of other techniques that helped me reach orgasm.​ Specifically, I experimented with my body posture and finding what helped me most.​ On certain occasions, I experimented with hand positions, discovering which ones worked better for me.​ Experimenting with different settings and atmospheres also allowed me to explore the ultimate pleasure level.​

Most importantly, I learned to listen to my body.​ It is my most powerful tool and it always knew what was best for me.​ This gave me the greatest pleasure and comfort, while also helping me to relax and find my climax.​

In addition, I learned the art of foreplay.​ This involves incorporating different ways to arouse yourself further before you begin to masturbate.​ Things like fantasizing, engaging in some sensual touch, listening to music or watching porn can be helpful.​ Not only did this help me to last even longer, but it also gave me even more pleasure.​

On another hand, mindfulness can be an advantageous technique, too.​ I like to focus on structures and details in the environment surrounding me, as well as my own physical and emotional sensations.​ This helps me to stay in the moment and prolong my masturbating sessions.​

Furthermore, experimenting with different kinds of sex toys can be quite fun.​ A clitoral stimulator, for example, can work wonders for those who want to increase the length of their pleasure.​ Lastly, I’ve found that lube is great for allowing my hand to glide easily throughout the session, as well as providing extra cushion.​

I’m sure that with the help of these tip and tricks, you too will be able to increase the length of your solo session and reap the benefits.​ Who wouldn’t want more pleasure, right? So don’t feel any shame or embarrassment about experimenting—just enjoy it and take your time!