I recently bought a high suction male masturbator and I’ve got to say, it has completely revolutionized my solo sex life! I was a bit nervous – I’m only a novice when it comes to sex toys – so I wanted to do my research beforehand, and make sure I was getting something that was both safe and effective.​

Upon inspection, my first thought about the high suction masturbator was that it was a bit intimidating.​ The sleek black design and its size were a bit daunting but I decided to give it a try.​ After reading a few reviews and blogs, I got over my fear and gave it a go.​

Boy, oh boy, what an experience! From the second I switched it on, it felt like a vacuum had taken me over.​ The suction was intense, but not uncomfortable.​ The intensity kept ramping up with each level I switched to, and it was an incredibly overwhelming sensation that I just couldn’t get enough of.​ I felt pleasure like never before and soon realized why these kinds of toys have become so popular.​

The best part was that the experience was so personal.​ I could regulate the level of intensity to what worked best for me, and the higher I went, the more pleasure I felt.​ It was mind-blowing, and it’s safe to say that nothing will ever replace this experience.​

The toy was also incredibly easy to clean, and it only took me a few minutes to make sure it was perfect for my next use.​ This was a huge relief as I desperately wanted to make sure I could keep my masturbation toy clean and safe.​

Overall, I’m so glad I got the high suction male masturbator.​ It’s been a great addition to my solo sex life, not to mention it’s helped me better understand what turns me on and off.​

The second part of the high-suction male masturbator is the accessories.​ The different sleeve attachments and toys were a great way to take my experience to the next level.​ There were so many that I had to take my time looking through them and seeing what would be the best fit for me.​ In the end, I chose a few balls and some ridges to start out with, and just like with the main toy, I wasn’t disappointed.​

The sleeve attachments fit perfectly on the toy, and they felt amazing.​ The ridges really added a whole new level of pleasure, and the balls were the perfect size and material.​ I’m so glad I decided to try out different attachments as I think it made a huge difference to my experience.​

I’m also really happy with the design of the high suction male masturbator.​ It’s incredibly sleek, stylish, dildos and modern, which makes it look great in my room.​ Plus, taking it to my travels is incredibly easy as it comes with a storage bag.​

The toy is also incredibly quiet, which helps a lot when you’re living with someone else.​ I feel comfortable using it without worrying about them hearing me.​

Finally, the high suction male masturbator has an amazing battery life.​ I can get up to an hour and a half of playtime before it needs to be recharged, which is great for me, as I usually go for long sessions.​

The third part of the high suction male masturbator is the usability.​ It’s extremely simple and intuitive to use; I figured out how to switch on and use it within minutes of taking it out of the box.​ To be honest, the instructions weren’t even necessary since the buttons were pretty much self-explanatory.​

The toy is also incredibly durable and sturdy, and I feel very confident when I’m handling it, which really boosts my confidence when I’m using it.​

Finally, I’m really impressed with the amount of power it has.​ One charge is usually enough to last the entire session, and it always performs really well.​ I can even switch it off in the middle of a session and it’ll still retain the same power and suction when I switch it back on.​

All in all, I’m thrilled with the high suction male masturbator.​ I’m really glad I bit the bullet and got this amazing toy.​

The fourth part of the high suction male masturbator is the customization options.​ It comes with all these attachments and different levels of intensity that you can choose from, meaning that you can create the perfect session experience just for you.​

I love the fact that I can choose the level of power that works for me.​ I can start out gentle and then ramp it up, or maybe I can even brave out the more intense levels and take it to the highest.​

The toy is also made from high-quality materials that make it really comfortable to hold.​ It doesn’t slip and slide out of my hand even when I’m moving it around really quickly.​ It’s also totally waterproof, so that I can even use it in the bath!

I also love the design.​ The buttons and dials are easily accessible and they light up when I press them, which I think is really cool.​ They’re also really simple to use.​

In addition to this, there are other features like a timer and a warm up/cool down mode.​ The timer is especially useful for when I want to make sure I don’t spend too long using the toy.​

The fifth part of the high suction male masturbator is the intense stimulation.​ Once I open my toy and get to using it, it’s like an explosive sensation washes over me! The suction is intense and it quickly reaches the highest levels of pleasure that I’ve ever experienced before.​

The intensity keeps increasing with each level, and I’m taken over, completely taken away.​ It’s like all my worries and cares disappear in an instant, replaced by pure pleasure and gratification.​

It’s a great way to explore my body and learn what I like and don’t like.​ I especially love when I’m already so aroused that I just can’t help but scream of the pleasure.​

Sometimes it’s even too much and then I have to take it down a notch and make use of the less intense level, which is equally enjoyable.​

The sixth part of the high suction male masturbator is its affordability.​ One of the most important factors that I look for any sex toys toy is affordability, and I’m happy to say that this one is both affordable and great value for money.​

Considering the quality and features, I think the price tag is really reasonable.​ And the fact that I can order this toy from the comfort of my own home is a huge bonus!

You can even get discounts if you buy more than one and the fact that it comes with all these attachments makes it an even better deal.​

All in all, I really think the high suction male masturbator is worth every penny.​

The seventh part of the high suction male masturbator is its versatility.​ I can use it for so many different kinds of pleasure.​ I can use it on my sensitive spots such as my nipples and my clitoris.​ I can also reach my g-spot or my prostate thanks to its shape and design.​

I can also change the attachments for different levels of stimulation, making it a great long-term toy.​ And I can also use it during partnered sex if my partner is into it too!

So not only can I use this toy to pleasure and explore my own body, but with a bit of creativity, I can also use it with a partner as well.​

I’m really glad I got the high suction male masturbator and I’m sure it will continue to give me a lot of pleasure throughout the years.​