I’ve been looking to spice up my sensual experience lately, and thought that something like a pump silicone penis could be just the ticket! I had heard about these devices before and became really curious to try one out for myself.​

When I first encountered this type of technology, I was a bit taken aback at how realistic they looked and felt, and wondered what on earth could make them so unique and special, compared to other sex toys on the market.​ After studying up on them and reading numerous reviews from other users, I knew I had to give it a go myself!

So I took the plunge, and purchased a pump silicone penis.​ It arrived in the mail looking quite impressive, and my hands practically itched to unbox it and take it for a spin.​ That night, I popped it on, and let me tell ya, it felt incredible! It fit snug and stayed in place like a dream, and wore really comfortably too.​

Once I started experimenting with it in my bedroom, I quickly learned why it had become so popular! The pump silicone penis was an absolute delight, and I was able to make all sorts of pleasurable defining angles and positions with it that I never could without it.​ On top of that, even better was the feeling of pleasure that I got with each thrust, as I could really lock in and rub against my partner’s walls to increase the sensation.​ There was no doubt that I was in for a wild ride with this toy.​

A lot of the time when I wear my pump silicone penis I’ll do a few sets of Kegel exercises, as this not only allows me to tighten and loosen during sex play, but it also helps to contract the penis and intensify the sensations I get from it.​ I can also customize the pressure and angle of the pump silicone penis by pressing against the toy while I move and slide my hips, allowing me to really explore and find the right spot.​

Moreover, when I’m looking to change things up a bit, I can add some lubrication or just take the toy off altogether and enjoy other kinds of stimulation.​ I even found that wearing a condom underneath the toy helps to make for a unique and heightened experience.​ In all, the pump silicone penis has become one of my all-time favorite toys, and I’m all the better for it!

I recently discovered that wearing the pump silicone penis for long periods of time can additionally help to increase in size and make for a more fulfilling experience for me and my partner.​ The slight stretching and squeezing the muscles inside my penis help to open up the blood vessels, allowing for more blood to enter and fill the penis.​ After a few weeks of daily wear, both my partner and I have definitely noticed a pronounced difference in the size of my manhood.​

The pump silicone penis is also great for fun role playing scenarios, like when my partner and I switch up sexual partners and roles within our relationship.​ This way I can really explore and express my inner fantasies and desires without worrying that my partner will be uncomfortable or judge me.​ There’s also nothing quite like feeling the warm and sexy vibrations of the pump silicone penis enter my body and make for vibrators a truly head-turning pleasure.​

I’ve also found that wearing the pump silicone penis has also helped to improve my stamina and performance in the bedroom.​ After wearing it for a few weeks, I have noticed a marked improvement in how long I am able to go for, and with increased enjoyment and gratification too.​ On top of that, it’s also great for those intimate romantic moments where I’m looking to deepen the connection with my partner.​

As I’ve gone deeper into exploring and experimenting the pump silicone penis, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how amazing and effective it can be.​ Whatever fantasy I’m looking to explore, I know that my trusty pump silicone penis can come to the rescue! If you’re looking to add some spice and fun to your relationship then I can’t recommend the pump silicone penis highly enough.​