jerky boys penis pumps

Well, I’m not sure what I think about the topic ‘Jerky Boys Penis Pumps’.​ It’s not something I ever thought I’d have to talk about.​ But I guess people buy them, so it’s worth discussing.​

First off, I just have to say that I was really surprised to even hear of the Jerky Boys making a penis pump.​ I remember being a kid and vibrators listening to them on car rides with my dad, dildos and now they’ve gone and made penis pumps! It really just goes to show that you should never say never.​

I won’t lie, when I first read about it, I thought the whole thing was kind of ridiculous.​ I mean, come on, the Jerky Boy making a penis pump? It seems pretty absurd if you ask me.​ I just couldn’t get past the idea that the same company that was responsible for my dad and I laughing together on car rides was now making penis pumps.​ It just didn’t add up in my mind.​

At the same time, I can see why the Jerky Boys would want to diversify their product line.​ After all, there’s a decent market for penis pumps, and it could be a great way to make some extra money.​ I mean, I can see why it might make sense for the company in terms of business, but it still feels odd to me.​

It’s really got me thinking about the whole concept of penis pumps.​ Honestly, I’m not sure I could ever personally see myself using one.​ To me, it seems like it would just be too weird.​ But I also understand that everyone’s different, and that there are some people who might find a penis pump to be really helpful for them.​

So, while I’m definitely not an expert on the subject of penis pumps, I can see both sides of the issue.​ On one hand, the whole idea of the Jerky Boys making a penis pump has a bit of a humorous feel to it, but then on the other hand, I can understand why it could be a useful product for some people.​

Now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, I realize that Jerky Boys penis pumps can be helpful for some people.​ I’m not going to lie, I still think the concept is a bit odd, but, at the same time, I can see the value in it.​ After all, we all have different needs and different ways to satisfy them.​