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When it comes to male masturbation techniques, I find it super helpful to learn different methods when alone time intervenes.​ As a man, I want to make sure that what I do is pleasurable and helps me reach the highest levels of pleasure possible, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this!

So, before attempting anything new, I always recommend consulting the experts at AskMen.​ Everyone has their own techniques, but AskMen has gathered up loads of information about the best masturbation methods for men.​

To start with, let’s talk about the basics.​ Male masturbation mainly involves stimulating the penis to bring about sexual pleasure, and there are several different techniques you can use to do this.​ For example, you can use your hands, different toys, lubricants, and even objects to get the job done.​ Plus, with all these different methods, you can really customize your experience and pleasure.​

Now, when it comes to the actual techniques, AskMen has quite a few to choose from.​ For instance, one of the popular methods is masturbating while sitting or lying on your back.​ This will involve using one or both hands in a stroking motion up and down your penis.​ And if you want to change it up a bit, you can try rotating or squeezing your penis while stimulating it.​

Then there’s the edging technique that a lot of guys swear by.​ With this method, you’ll focus on bringing yourself close to orgasm before pulling back and repeating the process.​ This will allow you to build up sexual tension and increase your pleasure.​

Another technique is using suction.​ You can do this by wrapping your hand around your penis and then slowly moving it up and down.​ The suction will provide a more intense sensation that’ll lead to a more powerful orgasm.​

Finally, there are also a few other methods that you can add in.​ Some guys enjoy the sensation of ice cubes on their penis, as well as vibrators and other sex dolls toys.​ All of these can be used to bring yourself to the peak of pleasure.​

It’s always great to learn new things, especially when it comes to self-pleasure.​ So, when I’m really in the mood, AskMen has always been a great place to turn for advice! Getting to know your body and understanding what you enjoy is a great way to make sure that your time alone is just as stimulating as it can be.​

You can also experiment with different positions and intensities.​ Exploring with different speeds and pressures can provide a more varied experience.​ Whether you like to apply gentle pressure, or hard and fast strokes, you can truly tailor your experience to find exactly what you like.​

As well as exploring the pleasure and intensity it can also be fun to discover new spots that are particularly sensitive.​ As you touch yourself, keep switched on to the sensations in different areas and see if you can identify any hot spots.​ Taking your time to experiment with different sensations can unlock a world of pleasure you didn’t know existed!

Another great way of getting the most out of your DIY session is to change the focus from thrusting your penis and move on to caressing other parts of your body.​ Take the pleasure out of the penis and allow it wash over your whole body.​

Spending time alone and giving yourself the opportunity to experiment and explore is an amazing way to get to know your body better.​ You can become more in tune with your sexuality and learn exactly what it takes to bring yourself to the highest levels of pleasure.​ Male masturbation techniques suggested by AskMen can help you do just that!