masturbation among gay males

I have a confession to make, I’m a gay man and I masturbate.​ I know, you’re probably thinking “Ewww that’s gross.​” But hey, it’s the natural way! Masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy sexual behavior that many people—gay and straight—engage in.​

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff, let me tell you about my experiences with masturbation.​ Growing up, my peers and I used to talk about it all the time.​ We’d share tips and tricks on how to make it feel even better.​ We definitely got innovative in the process.​ I even remember trying to make some unique homemade sex toys – let’s just say that didn’t end well.​

When I came out as queer, I realized that masturbation had taken on a whole new level of significance.​ I could no longer rely on my straight friends to enlighten me and learn the ropes; I had to take it upon myself to discover the natural sense of pleasure that I could experience as a gay male.​ I looked all across the internet for advice, from Reddit, Tumblr, and YouTube.​ The information was plentiful – it was like I had opened up a whole new world to me.​

The thing I kept hearing was: lube.​ Lubricants, to be exact, were the one key source to unlocking better pleasure than ever before.​ As soon as I tried a lube, I was won over.​ It felt amazing on my skin and just added yet another layer of sensation to my solo play.​ I loved it so much, I even wrote about it in an article.​

But let’s not forget the important role that toys can play in gay male masturbation.​ There is an abundance of sex toys now that cater specifically to us.​ I still prefer my trusty hand, but I do have some high-tech companions like my vibrator and anal dildo that I turn to now and then.​ They can make my masturbation sessions much more intense and enjoyable – especially when I’m feeling extra frisky! Plus they make for an easy solo date night when no one else is free.​

Safe to say, masturbation is a huge part of my life.​ It is something I take pride in and it brings me immense pleasure.​ And while there is a huge amount of stigma that surrounds it, I’m more than proud to say that I’m a gay man who partakes in it.​ Now let me tell you about the second part of my story.​.​.​

Ever since I began to explore my feelings for and with other gay men, masturbation has actually become more meaningful.​ When I feel an intense connection with someone, I often take that connection and turn it into a solo session – and those sessions are simply electric.​ It has become a way of bringing other people into the bedroom and making it that much more passionate.​

What makes gay male masturbation unique is the ability to take those feeling of love and lust and experience them in a way that is comfortable and controllable.​ If those feelings become too overbearing in a real-life situation, masturbating can give me a chance to catch my breath and calm down.​ It’s like having sex without strings attached – it’s all positive and nothing negative.​

Another plus side is that there are certain taboos that can be experienced.​ Activities such as golden showers and fisting are activities that many people do not engage in, yet can become a source of pleasure.​ Masturbation gives us the freedom to safely discover these possibilities, while not committing any serious actions.​

Self-love is also a powerful tool.​ Touching our bodies and exploring our erogenous zones is a great way to get to know ourselves better.​ That understanding can make it easier to explore with partners when the time comes.​

I also feel that masturbation is a way of taking care of my mind, body, and soul.​ Whenever I seem to be going through a rough patch, the simple action of touching myself can be a nice distraction.​ It can relax me and sex dolls make me realize that everything is going to be okay.​ Sometimes things don’t always go smoothly, but taking care of myself is always a priority.​

Finally, I think the beauty of gay male masturbation is that it can be done cautiously, secretly, and passionately all at the same time.​ It doesn’t have to be loud or an obnoxious affair.​ The act itself can be seen as an escape, and as an intimate practice that can be done anywhere and anytime.​

So now let me tell you about how I’ve learned to make masturbation an art form.​ By learning better techniques and styles of stimulation, period sex can become an adventure.​ I’ve discovered that by slowing down and exploring different ways of inducing pleasure through diverse movements and long-lasting strokes, masturbation can become a journey of understanding.​

And when it comes to finding the right kind of pleasure, I’ve realized that experimenting by switching up techniques and adopting new poses is always a great route to take.​ Whether it’s taking deep breaths or forming new hand formations, the possibilities of exploration are endless.​

Lastly, I must say, masturbation isn’t just a sexual pleasure for me, it’s an experience.​ One that can be experienced alone or even with other people.​ It’s an intimate dialogue that can help strengthen relationships, regardless of how we define these connections.​ Whether it’s expressing love, lust, or even curiosity, masturbation can become a unique form of communication.​

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that masturbation can be a tool for self-discovery and finding pleasure.​ And as far as it being a necessary part of my life, well I believe it’s innovative for any gay man to embark on this path of exploration.​