One day, while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon an article about the male wearable masturbator.​ At first I was taken aback and skeptical of this new invention, but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to find out more.​

I was completely intrigued by the idea of a masturbator that could be worn without anyone having to know.​ After further research, I discovered that it was basically a hands-free, strap-on masturbator made of a soft silicone material that fits snugly around the male genitalia.​ It promised to enhance arousal and pleasure with its textured ribbing and a motorized internal massage for smoother and faster strokes.​

I was impressed that such an innovative product was available for men, and I decided to order it right away.​ When it arrived, I was really excited to try it out.​ When I took it out of the box, I felt like it was a match made in heaven.​ The material felt extremely soft and flesh-like, and despite its size, it was surprisingly very light and comfortable to wear.​

This bizarre \u0026#39;child\u0026#39; sex doll delivered in a coffin will make you sickAfter I had it on, I turned on the massage setting and felt the sensation running through me.​ Within moments, I was overcome with pleasure.​ I could feel each vibration stimulate my shaft and the texture of the ribbing circled around my manhood providing a sublime sensation.​

The sensation was out of this world! I felt like I was in a world of ecstasy and the pleasure was so intense that I could barely handle it.​ It was like it was made specifically for my pleasure and I kid you not, I had the best orgasms with this wearable masturbator that I’ve ever had.​ What’s more, I had absolute control over the intensity as well as the frequency.​

The experience was something I can’t put into words.​ It was honestly out of this world, and I was extremely pleased with my purchase.​ What’s more, I found that I was able to use this wearable masturbator discreetly, which was really great because I can now enjoy it without anyone knowing.​

The next morning, I I couldn’t help but feel elated at the thought of having a personal device that puts pleasure at my fingertips.​ Unlike other male sex toys, the wearable masturbator was like having a hands-free pleasure device that I can use anytime, any place.​

The convenience and portability of this masturbator make it an ideal buy for anyone who wants to take pleasure to the next level.​ In my opinion, the male wearable masturbator is one of the best inventions ever and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to explore and sex toys expand their sexual pleasure.​

Now that I have one, I’m never going back.​ It’s now a go-to item that I use whenever I want a quick, orgasmic escape.​ I also find that I’m able to enjoy more pleasure now that I have it because I can really focus on the sensation and enjoy each and every wave of pleasure without any distractions.​