se masturbar muito faz mal

Hey friend,

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that masturbating too much is bad for you.​ I wanted to tell you what I learned because the topic is really important.​

First of all, it’s important to understand that masturbating is a perfectly natural and healthy part of life.​ It has a range of benefits such as relieving stress and providing physical and psychological pleasure.​ Regular masturbation can even increase self-esteem and help with insomnia.​

But that doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing.​ Anything done too much can have a negative effect on your body and mind.​ When it comes to masturbation, Penis Rings the main problem is that if you’re doing it too much, you can end up desensitizing instead of arousing yourself and end up feeling unsatisfied.​ That can lead to feelings of guilt or shame, which can have a really negative effect on your mental health.​ This could even affect your relationship with partners.​

Another issue is that if you’re masturbating too much, you can be neglecting other parts of your life.​ That could mean not taking care of your body, spending too much time alone, or even ignoring your relationships with your family and friends.​ That’s why it’s important to find a balance between pleasurable activities like masturbation and activities that are beneficial to your wellbeing, like ensuring you’re getting enough sleep and making time for the people in your life.​

The key here is moderation.​ You’ll know when it’s time to take a step back from the masturbation and focus on some other aspects of life.​ As with anything, it’s okay to indulge in a good thing in moderation.​

Now let’s expand on the topic.​ The key to using masturbation to your advantage is to understand its power.​ It can be a powerful way to explore your body and to find out what feels good to you.​ Knowing what feels good can help in other aspects of your life such as in the bedroom with a partner.​ And it can be a great way to relax both emotionally and physically, as long as you’re not doing it in a way that’s become an obsession.​

It’s also important to understand that masturbation is a strictly personal experience.​ Everyone does it differently, so don’t compare yourself to others.​ You can explore something that’s enjoyable for you, and you don’t need to follow any rules except your own.​ Find what makes you feel good and keep trying different things until you find something that feels like it was made especially for you.​

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to masturbation is that it should never feel like a chore or a requirement.​ If it’s becoming unpleasant, reduce the frequency and focus more on other activities.​ That can help to break the monotony and help you get back to a balanced relationship with your self-pleasure.​

Practicing good habits around masturbation is important.​ It’s best to limit yourself to a reasonable amount per week, and you should ensure that you’re getting enough sleep, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle in general.​ That way, you can enjoy self-pleasure without it having an adverse effect on your health and relationships.​

It’s also essential to remember to be kind to yourself throughout the process.​ Don’t judge yourself if your routine doesn’t seem to be doing what you want.​ And don’t expect any sort of magical experience from it every time – success or pleasure will come and go.​ So just be present in the moment and accept the fact that sometimes it won’t work out the way you want it to, but that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time.​

Finally, don’t be afraid to talk about it.​ Masturbation can be a source of shame for some people, but it shouldn’t be.​ Talking openly with friends and partners can not only help you understand more about the process but also help to reduce unnecessary stigma surrounding the topic.​ Don’t be afraid to be open and honest about how it makes you feel – it can be really empowering.​

Now that we’ve discussed the basics let’s go further.​ Masturbation isn’t all about fun and games; there’s a lot of room for experimentation.​ There are a number of sex toys on the market that can add a whole new level of pleasure.​ Whether you’re exploring solo or with a partner, experimenting with different devices can be a great way to explore different sensations and see what really turns you on.​

Don’t be afraid to start off small; there are a number of beginner-friendly toys on the market.​ Bullet vibrators are great for those who want something discreet and easy to use.​ Dildos and butt plugs can also be great for those who want to add a little something extra to their solo play.​

And for those who want to get a little more creative, there’s always the option of DIY sex toys.​ There are a number of online tutorials guide for how to make your own sex toys with materials you have around the house.​ It’s a great way to spice up your bedroom activities and create something truly unique.​

On the other hand, if you’re not the DIY types, you can always browse the range of products available on the market.​ There’s something for every taste and budget, and the options are endless.​ Whether you’re looking for something to thrust, stimulate, massage, tickle, or anything in between, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you.​

Additionally, don’t forget to explore the world of videos and literature.​ If you’re already watching explicit videos, why not learn more about the practices within? Books and articles about sex, masturbation, and pleasure are full of helpful information that can really enhance your experience.​ Such knowledge can help you find newfound levels of pleasure, and it can also aid in breaking down the social stigma attached to masturbation.​

Let’s explore some of the ways to create a sensual atmosphere for your solo play.​ Lighting and background music can be great tools to help you get in the mood.​ There are also essential aromatherapy oils out there that can help you to relax and become more aroused.​ Not to mention the plethora of lubes and massage oils that can help you to slide right into a higher state of pleasure.​

But don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create a perfect atmosphere.​ Sometimes, you can just get under the covers and do it without any of the bells and whistles.​ It’s all about letting yourself explore and experiment – don’t limit yourself to just one way.​

Finding ways to combine pleasure with pleasure can be a great way to increase the intensity of your solo play.​ Tease your nipples with a vibrator while you’re fingering your clitoris for example.​ Or use your favourite sex toy on your G-spot while you bring your clitoris to the brink of orgasm.​

Finally, take time to appreciate your body and take note of all the sensations it can experience.​ Don’t rush – explore, savour and enjoy.​ That moment of pleasure can become a powerful moment of self-love.​ Enjoy it and cherish it.​

I hope this information was helpful.​ Remember that masturbation is a great way to explore your body, relieve stress and relax.​ Just remember to be mindful of your body and don’t take it too far.​ Have fun and be safe!