svakom sam neo app controlled suction male masturbator

Recently, I got to know about the Svakom Sam Neo, a revolutionary app-controlled male masturbator that claims to provide the best pleasure experience like never before.​ It made me so curious that I had to get myself one to try out.​ I was ecstatic to get it and had been waiting in anticipation for it to arrive in my hands.​

Not to mention, I was so overwhelmed and impressed with its smooth design, and felt that I have got myself a wonder machine.​ It is designed with a suction feature that creates a vacuum pressure to simulate the sensation of oral sex.​ Moreover, this machine’s powerful motor stimulates my penis deeply, creating a more intense pleasure.​

What’s more, I really appreciate is the fact that I can personalize my pleasure experiences with this amazing toy.​ With its built-in app, I can adjust settings and vibrations to suit my desires.​ It also encourages me to experiment with speed and pressure.​ Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that its rechargeable lithium battery lasted for a solid two hours or something.​

To be honest, this app-controlled male masturbator is the best thing that has ever happened to me- no exaggeration! This toy pumps up the stimulation like nothing else does.​ I am one happy man now.​ The app also allows me to have my experience stored so that I can re-experience it anytime I want.​

One thing that really stands out for me with this toy is that I don’t need any help from a partner or even outside assistance because the app lets me customize my own pleasure experience.​ Plus, it helps me prolong my pleasure and naturally makes me reach orgasm faster.​

Overall, I would highly recommend Svakom Sam Neo to all the men out there who are wanting to upgrade their pleasure experience.​ With more power and control, this app-controlled male masturbator cannot be beaten.​ Trust me, I have tried this beastie and let me tell you, it will blow your mind!

Next, I am going to discuss about the comfort and durability of Svakom Sam Neo.​ This toy is made with premium silicone material and has a soft and smooth texture.​It feels like my skin and I find it very comfortable to use.​ Plus, the material is water-resistant, body safe, and phthalate-free, making it safe for use.​

Moreover, I have been using this toy for a few months now and I must say that it is really durable.​ Even after multiple uses, it still works as good as new.​I have noticed that it has a strong air suction that sustains the pressure on the Penis Rings.​ And what more can I say? It is definitely worth every penny.​

To add on, Svakom Sam Neo features an ergonomic design which makes it very user-friendly.​ The sleek design fits naturally in my palm, and the buttons are easy to press.​Also, there are no cords attached, making it simple to carry around and use.​

Also, I am quite impressed with the Svakom Sam Neo’s innovative technology.​ It comes with a feature called ‘Auto Penetration’ which automatically adjusts the experience to suit my pleasure level.​ This feature really enhances my pleasure experience and makes it more realistic with each session.​

Finally, Svakom Sam Neo’s remote-control app can be used up to 10 meters away! This means I can have more fun and pleasure together with my partner.​The app also has some really interesting features like voice control, music mode, and rhythm mode.​ Plus, I can even control the toy through my Apple Watch.​ How cool is that?


There’s no denying that Svakom Sam Neo really takes pleasure to the next level with its advanced technology and sex dolls innovative features.​ Its suction feature adds a whole new dimension to my pleasure and makes it even more enjoyable.​ I would highly recommend this toy to anyone who is looking to elevate their pleasure experience.​