texas bill prohibiting male masturbation moves closer to becoming law

I can’t believe this! Texas is actually moving closer to make a bill a law, that prohibits male masturbation? That right there is a conversation I thought I’d never be having.​ Honestly, the thought of it is just ridiculous! What made them even consider this? It’s such an absurd concept! I mean, sure, I understand where they are coming from.​ They want to reduce the number of sex dolls crimes and that’s admirable, but it’s a bit too extreme if you ask me.​

What I don’t understand is why this bill didn’t include a provision to punish women as well.​ Is the Texas senate implying that only men are capable of these so-called ‘unlawful acts’? That makes no sense whatsoever! Furthermore, how would they even enforce this? Do their police offers go rummaging through everyone’s bedroom drawers to see if they are or not? Wouldn’t that be a massive invasion of privacy?

Still, some people are in favor of this bill.​ Apparently, there are a ton of lawmakers who believe that this will lead to a decrease in the amount of sexual violence, and that’s a great thing.​ I just wish that there was another way that could be implemented, one that didn’t involve such a drastic measure.​

Also, some people are arguing that the law is take a gender-neutral approach, by attacking the behavior and not the gender.​ On the surface that would make sense, Penis Rings but it doesn’t really hold up when you look at it from a closer perspective.​ Men and women are not the same, and it cannot be expected from them to behave in exactly the same manner.​ Therefore, this law is inherently unequal because the punishment may differ depending on who is caught.​

At this point, I’m left scratching my head, wondering what prompted this bill in the first place.​ I mean, why go through all this if there are better ways to tackle the problem? I understand that the senator want to make sure that sexual crimes are taken seriously, but this isn’t the best way to do it.​ There must be some other way to ensure that offenders are punished accordingly.​ Otherwise, this bill is going to end up punishing the innocent, instead of the guilty.​