what did lesbians use for penetration before dildos were invented

Hmmn, this is an interesting one. I bet we have never even thought about this before. Before dildos were invented, what did lesbians use for penetration? Well, turns out there are a few things they used.

Believe it or not, some lesbians resorted to using household items like carrots, cucumbers, and even bananas. They would often take these items and wrap them up in a condom, or even a cloth to add extra cushion. While these items are certainly improvisational, these weren’t the most sanitary options and likely posed a threat to their health.

On the other hand, lesbians also had some unique options in the way of items like an Electric Eel, fuzzy pouches, Papillons, and even a quartz crystal. The Electric Eel was a flesh-colored vibrator that came with a battery and electric cord, and was fairly easy to hide from view. The fuzzy pouch was shaped like a Penis Rings and usually filled with perfume, while the Papillon was a kind of vibrator that could be inserted or used clitorally. As for the quartz crystal, it was often kept in its natural shape and used as a gentle massage tool.

Even with all of these items, some lesbians might not have had any options at all. We have to remember that before dildos were invented, most sexual acts between two women were still very much taboo. In addition, most of these items were expensive, and not everyone had the financial means to purchase them.

When I find a moment to reflect, I cannot help but feel a profound admiration for the lesbians of the past. Despite living in a world full of stigmas and judgements, they still found ways to express themselves sexually. Their ability to take the limited resources they had and use their creativity to create something new is remarkable.

While the practice has become a lot more accepted today, I still believe that these natural and creative methods of expression should be celebrated. We should never forget that, before dildos were invented, lesbians found ways to be intimate in safe and pleasurable ways.

Since then, lesbians have created many more options for pleasure and expression. Many of them now using dildos, which come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. With the current technology, lesbians now have access to sex toys that have been made with both comfort and safety as primary concerns.

A couple of decades ago, lesbians could never have imagined how far we would have come. In this day and age, lesbians can also explore other avenues of pleasure such as strap-ons, butt plugs, and vibrators. All of these items are readily available to purchase and experiment with. In this way, lesbians now have the privilege to explore each other in the ways they choose.

Inevitably, the introduction of dildos into the BDSM world helped to open up a newly evolved vision of intimacy for lesbian couples. To this day, many lesbians use dildos as a way to experiment and explore each other’s bodies in a safe and pleasurable way. And, let’s not forget that they can also be used solo as well.