what sex toys can wife use while giving a bj

Recently, my wife and I decided to try something new in the bedroom. We’d heard about sex toys and thought it sounded fun and exciting. Little did we know just how much it would change things up!

We went shopping online and found this amazing thing called a ‘bongivibile’. It sounded like just the thing for us! We read the reviews and it seemed like a great addition to our evening trysts.

When we got it, my wife was so excited! She couldn’t wait to try it out and it did not disappoint. It had different speeds and powerful vibrations and felt so good against her skin. It made giving a bj so much more pleasurable, especially when she added lube and ran it along the back of his shaft.

The sensation was something we’d never experienced before. It brought my wife to a whole new level of pleasure. The intensity of her orgasms was like nothing we’d ever imagined.

My wife loved the way the bongivibile felt and it quickly became her go-to sex toy. She especially enjoyed the fact that it was easy to use and make it easier to hit all the right spots. The bongivibile also made her bj’s even more enjoyable and it gave her the confidence to really let loose and take control.

The bongivibile is a wonderful tool for increasing pleasure and enjoyment while giving bj’s. It’s provided both of us with some amazing experiences and sex dolls has taken our sex life to a whole new level.

Aside from the bongivibile there are other sex toys like vibrators, gel lubes, feathers and blindfolds, which can add a lot of pleasure and fun during oral sex. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to stimulate the entire body or just certain areas.

Gel lubes give that extra bit of lubrication needed to make oral sex enjoyable and safe. And they also add an extra bit of zing to the experience. While feathers may seem like an odd choice at first, they can actually be incredibly fun when used along the body during oral sex.

Blindfolds are a great way for both partners to experiment with senses and can also offer a sense of unexpected pleasure. They can even make the experience more hedonistic for both parties.

Sex toys are a great way to bring more spice and fun into the bedroom. They can make oral sex more enjoyable and provide new levels of pleasure for both partners. So, if you’re looking to spice up your sex life don’t be afraid to explore the options available to you!