what soap can i use to wash sillicone dildoes

So what soap can I use to wash my silicone dildo safely and effectively? Well, I’m glad you asked! As someone who regularly partakes in some kinky playtimes, I like to make sure I’m using the safest and most hygienic materials I can get my hands on. After all, you don’t want to forget about safety and cleaning your toys before and after use.

I believe choosing the right soap to wash your silicone dildo is key in making sure you’re taking good care of your lovely toy. I find that picking a mild, unscented soap is often the way to go. Anything that is too harsh on your skin or has a floral smell might not be best for the toy. Plus, watch out for any soaps that contain microbeads or a lot of sugar – too much of those can be hard to clean off.

I’m personally a fan of natural soaps like Dr Bronner’s or Kirk’s, sex dolls as they are made from organic and sustainable materials. They don’t contain any harsh ingredients, and Penis Rings don’t have a strong smell. While these soaps can be a little on the pricier side, I like knowing that my toy is getting a gentle wash. Plus, if you’re picking up a bottle for yourself, it doesn’t hurt to get a small size and dedicate it entirely to toy-washing.

Another tip I’d like to add is to pick something that doesn’t have a lot of suds. While running your dildo under water and rubbing it with soap is all that is required, using something that creates too many bubbles might not be ideal. Too many bubbles can be difficult to rinse off cleanly.

And as always, it’s important to make sure your soap is getting rinsed off and dried。 Nothing feels worse than hitting the skin with a cool, wet dildo! If you’re unsure if the soap residue is gone, you can always give it a quick smell. The silicon shouldn’t pick up the soap scent after rinsing, and I’d stay away from using lubed or scented soaps as they can leave a scent.

If you have a particularly special silicone dildo, then you can always opt for toy specific soaps. Between your silicone and your skin, it’s nice to know these products won’t cause any damage. I think I’ve settled on a few soaps that I’m confident are great to use on my silicone dildo. I’ll just grab some soap and rinse, then I’m good to keep playing.

So when thinking about what soap to use for my silicone dildo, I go back to my hard rule of mild, chemical-free, and unscented. As long as I have those main three categories covered, I feel like I’ve found a good soap for taking care of my kinky toy. Once I’ve collected all the necessary items, I have a solid base for taking care of the dildo before and after use.

I also make sure to double check all the ingredients of the soap, just in case I’ve missed something that might not be best for the toy. And while it can be tempting to go for the cheapest soap on the shelf, I also like to invest a little extra money into something that will work better of my dildo. Cheaper soaps can be too abrasive and damage the toy, so I make sure to do my research and pick the right product.

For me, taking the time to pick the right soap is important, as it means the dildo will last longer and stay looking in great condition. After all, the look and feel of my toy is a big part of the enjoyable experience.

Finally, I always take a moment to clean my toys thoroughly before and after use. Cleanliness is key with these kinds of activities. Of course, there are still some activities that require a different approach when it comes to cleaning, like using a special antibacterial toy cleaner or taking a shower with your toys. But, if I’m just sticking with mild soap and water, I’m confident that I’m getting the job done properly.